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  • Our Parish Ministries and Organizations

    Pastoral Council
    "Called to Serve"

    The Parish Pastoral Council continuously develops and articulates a deep and mature understanding of the identity and purpose of the parish. It reflects the unique personality of the parish as it evolves, using the mission statement developed by the pastor and parishioners.

    The pastor and parish pastoral council strives to ensure that the parish is carrying out its stated mission and that the pastoral needs of the parish are met. These include Word, Worship, Community and Service. The pastor and council enable and encourage the broadest participation of parishioners in evangelizing, both within the parish and the larger community. It accepts the responsibility of hearing all voices in seeking to discern the will of God in the local community using scripture and the voice of the Church as their guide.

    Because parishes are dynamic communities, flexibility is essential in the ministry of the parish pastoral council. Flexibility means "openness to all present reality." People change, council membership changes, staffs change, ministries change, and the larger community changes. For example, we see an increase of other Catholic cultures in our parishes, our growing ethnic and cultural diversity.

    Typically, members serve for three years with two members leaving and two new members elected each year from the parish.  A different chairperson is appointed each year.

    The continuing implementation of the vision considers:

      •  The personality and style of the pastor, members of the council, the parish staff, and other parish leaders;
      •  The ministries that are in place;
      •  The uniqueness of the parish;
      •  The relationship of the parish in its cluster or Local Planning Area;
      •  The needs of the larger community.

    The parish mission statement contains guiding words, which are kept current, adjusted to reflect changes in the makeup of the parish, the spiritual needs of parishioners, the relationship to other parishes in the local planning area, and the changing needs of the larger community. As always, this mission statement should reflect the best insights of scripture and the living voice of Jesus‘ Church. Members of the parish pastoral council are expected to model living and working as followers of Jesus who share faith and strive to develop mutually supportive relationships. Therefore, whenever a new pastor is appointed to a parish, the standing councils (both pastoral and finance) cease. It is the responsibility of the new pastor to reconstitute the existing councils or conduct a new election of members within one year of his appointment.

    2020 Pastoral Council:

    Fr. Mike - Pastor

    Kathy Greene - Chairperson
    Joanne Boyko
    Elaine Brehm
    Rudy Gomez
    Henry Glowiak
    Ben Gutierrez
    Jacqueline Hernandez

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    Finance Council

    The Parish Finance Council is a consultative body of lay persons established to advise the Pastor in matters pertaining to the financial affairs of the parish. The relationship between the Pastor and the council is one of support and collaboration. The authority of the Pastor is not diminished by the establishment of the Parish Finance Council.

    It has been the consistent policy of the Diocese of Richmond that a Parish Pastoral Council be established in each parish. While the two councils are separate and each has a different and specific role in the life and operation of the parish, they work together for the good of the parish. The chairperson of the Parish Finance Council is an ex-officio member of the Parish Pastoral Council and provides them with periodic reports on the financial status of the parish and its activities.

    The Parish Finance Council is composed of the Pastor, as an ex-officio member, and not less than three reputable and practicing members of the parish knowledgeable and skilled in financial matters. Membership is by appointment of the Pastor. Members serve for a three-year term and may be appointed to a second three-year term. The Chairperson is appointed for a term of one year and may be reappointed.

    The Parish Office staff are not members of the Parish Finance Council, however they may attend meetings at the request of the Chairperson to assist the council in its deliberations. The Council usually meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 10:00am. The Parish Fiscal Year is July 1st thru June 30th.

      Principal responsibilities of the Council include:

      •  Preparation of an annual budget
      •  Periodic review of the Diocesan bookkeeping and accounting system
      •  Ensuring the submission of the Semi and Annual Financial Report to the Diocese
      •  Preparation and publication of an Annual Financial Statement and Report provided to the Parish Pastoral Council and members of the Parish community.

      2019 Finance Council:

      Teri Daley - Chairperson
      Santos Robles
      Peter Regan

    The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a program under which the Church welcomes adults seeking any of the following sacraments of full communion in the Catholic faith: Baptism, Eucharist or Confirmation.

    The RCIA is a program of discernment and instruction in which the person seeking initiation into the Church is introduced to the beliefs and practices of the Catholic faith. At St Peter's, the RCIA instruction is for non-baptized persons, persons baptized in another Christian faith or baptized Catholics who lack both the sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation. Well-qualified presenters lead the discussion and instruction. The instruction follows the outline in the Catechism but follows a unique and innovative format.

    Each candidate or catechumen in the RCIA is sponsored by a confirmed Catholic in good standing at St. Peter's. At the beginning of each session, the RCIA program is in need of Catholics who are willing to sponsor candidates and catechumens. The sponsor assists candidates or catechumens in their discernment and learning process. Sponsors do not need to attend every session with the candidate or catechumen, but we ask that the sponsor make every reasonable effort to be present with the candidate or sponsor as much as possible.

    Many sponsors find that the RCIA sessions are a way to renew one’s knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith and, at the same time, to guide the candidate or catechumen as they proceed through the Catholic journey.

    Point of Contact: Peter and Jane Regan

    Religious Education

    Our Religious Education Program for Parishoners: The mission of the church is to share the gospel with our youth which is accomplished through the Religious Education programs of the parish. Our program at St. Peter's parish is to provide our children with the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to develop and nurture their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The program encourages the children to learn Catholic doctrine, prayers, scripture stories, traditions and practices in order to acquire a Catholic identity. The program strives to connect the teachings of Christ and the Church with the students’ life experience in living out their Christian life.

    Point of Contact: Jan Andrejco

    Knights of Columbus
    Eastern Shore Council #6963

    All the good works we do are founded by our four core principles:

    Charity - Our Catholic faith teaches us to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Members of the Knights of Columbus show love for their neighbors by conducting food drives and donating the food to local food pantries, and by supporting, both spiritually and materially, mothers who choose life for their babies. Knights recognize that our mission, and our faith in God, compels us to action. There is no better way to experience love and compassion than by helping those in need, a call we answer every day.

    Unity – None of us is as good as all of us. Members of the Knights of Columbus all know that – together – we can accomplish far more than any of us could individually. So we stick together…we support one another. That doesn’t mean that we always agree or that there is never a difference of opinion. It does mean that – as a Knight of Columbus – you can count on the support and encouragement of your brother Knights as you work to make life better in your parish and community.

    Fraternity – We provide assistance to widows, children left behind due to a premature death, to the sick and/or disabled members and their families. As united Knights we look out for and take care of one another.

    Patriotism – Members of the Knights of Columbus, be they Americans, Canadians, Mexicans, Cubans, Filipinos, Poles, or Dominicans, are patriotic citizens. We are proud of our devotion to God and country, and believe in standing up for both. Whether it’s in public or private, the Knights remind the world that Catholics support their nations and are amongst the greatest citizens.

    Ladies Auxiliary #6963

    Mission Statement:

    We strive to make our community a better place and make a difference to those less fortunate by bringing help and comfort.  We raise funds through Spaghetti Dinners, Yard and Bake Sales.  We award an Annual Scholarship.  We support and aid our Knights at monthly covered dish socials and their events.  We donate Christmas gifts for the Shore Life Care, have a “Birthday Party” at Heritage Hall and donate a Thanksgiving dinner for Lighthouse Ministries.  We donate funds to needy students from local schools.  We support the Justice & Peace , Salvation Army, Food Bank, Migrant Ministries Camps, and Hospice ministries as well as others.

    We aim to help wherever needed!

    We received our Charter in 1993 from the “LOV” (Ladies of Virginia) Group in Northern Virginia.  It is comprised of more than 50 Auxiliaries in Virginia.

    Meetings:  We meet on the first Tuesday of each month (September thru June) at 3pm.

    Function: AID our Knights in every endeavor and raise monies for local charities.

    Qualifications:  You must have a sincere desire to make a difference in our community and be willing to become an active member in our Auxiliary, attend meetings and functions sponsored by our Council.  Be ready and willing to support our Knights and Sir Knights in their endeavors.

    Dues: $10.00 per year

    Point of Contact: Mary Wardius (757) 787-4528

    2019 Officers

    President: Mary Wardius (757) 787-4528
    Vice-President: Bernadette Tyson (757) 787-2357
    Treasurer: Kathy Greene (757) 787-2839
    Secretary: Rita Schmidt (757) 442-2154

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